Nuby Tritan Thirsty Kids Super Slurp Spout Cup 18m+ 12oz/360ml
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Brand Nuby
Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 8 cm x 15 cm
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Nuby Tritan Thirsty Kids Super Slurp Spout Cup 18m+ 12oz/360ml:


This cool, sporty water bottle with pop-up, free-flow & no-spill spout is a must have for any kid on the go.


BPA free
Easy grip base
Pop-up, free-flow & no-spill spout
Dentist approved


The spout is durable & bite resistant & because it's freeflow, it requires no effort for the water to flow. This means your gulper will be getting as much liquid as they need without you having to worry about spills. The pop up spout means you can simply pop it down when it's not being used.

This awesome cup is made from magical stuff called Tritan which is BPA free & built to be extra strong. Its shatter-proof, baby-proof & doesnt warp in the dishwasher (top shelf only), plus Tritan is as clear as glass so you can keep track of how much water your little ones drinking.

You'll have no hassle caring for this Super Slurp cup either you can just give it a good rinse or pop it into the dishwasher (top shelf only) for a proper clean & bingo, ready for drinking from all over again.

No spills. No BPA. No nasties. 100% hydration.